Even the ancient Egyptians knew it: The secret to beauty is in the eyes. Not those of the beholder, but yours. Research shows that as far back as 3000 B.C., the women of Egypt were enhancing their eyelashes with metal dust and soot. The goal then was the same as it is now: To make the eyes appear larger, wider and brighter - which creates a more alert and youthful look. But metal dust and soot were tough on the vision. Fortunately, today there are much safer ways to make your eyelashes fuller, thicker, longer and darker … so you look bright-eyed and younger. More
For parents, protecting their children is second nature. The lengths you would go to keep your children safe know no bounds, and you would readily sacrifice your own well-being to ensure theirs. Yet many well-meaning parents overlook the importance of obtaining a life insurance policy that will ensure their spouses and children are taken care of if the worst should happen. More
Start living healthier by taking care of your joints. No matter what your age, proper joint care is critical. Do your joints ever feel like the brakes in your car? Slowing you down, jerking from side to side, and even stopping you dead in your tracks ... More

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